Food specialties of the Dordogne Vallée – Perigord

Living here in Lalinde, at Maison Porte del Marty, we get to enjoy some of France’s more famous dishes. The Dordogne, or more correctly the Perigord is the home of some of the most prestigious foods of France including truffles (truffes), cépes, foie gras, confit ( twice cooked duck legs ),



magret de canard ( duck breast ), gézier ( gizzards – really delicious, like a mild ham), walnut oil, purée de marron (chestnut purée) cabécou(small delicious fresh goats cheese), honey, Monbazillac & Saussignac white dessert wine ( usually served chilled with foie gras ), Bergerac and Pécharmant Rouge ( a blend of merlot, cabernet sauvignon and cabernet france ) Bergerac Sec ( sauvignon blanc / semillon blend ) and a wide variety of rosé.



Traditionally, goose was used for most foie gras, confit and magret, but today, the majority of these products are from ducks. It may have something to do with the international publicity about the forced feeding of geese. We understand that ducks are just plain greedy and will keep eating as much food you place in front of them giving them ( rather quickly ) very fat (gras) livers (foie) and delicious cuts of breast and legs to enjoy prepared and cooked in the local tradition with the remaining body often used for stock to make a regional specialty, cream of garlic soup.


Foie gras avec cépes

Whether bought at the market and cooked at home or eaten in a regional restaurant or ferme auberge, the tastes of the Perigord will make a very favourable impression !