Cycling along the canal tow pathes around Lalinde…..and further…

Lalinde has a very pretty canal and harbour running through the centre of town. The canal starts at Mauzac about 8 k's to the east and finishes at Tuilières about 9 k's towards Bergerac. The canal tow path is sealed for the majority of the way with cars generally banned apart from people accessing their properties. We keep some bikes on hand here at Maison Porte del Marty for any guests who feel like a leisurely pedal.

Mauzac Barrage

Mauzac is a village with 2 or 3 cafés and restaurants so it's a nice ride under plane trees with the opportunity to enjoy a coffee or lunch at Mauzac. Mauzac itself is directly in front of a barrage to help control the Dordogne River and supply water flow to the power station at Calés and Tuilières. Behind the barrage, the village of Tremolat borders a very large lake created by the barrage. During the summer you can take a canoeing trip from Tremolat which will take you by van to a point 1, 2 or 3 hours up river from Tremolat, then get you all set up for a leisurely paddle down the Dordgne of Vezere river finishing back in Tremolat. By canoe you will see all sort of beautiful properties bordering the river edge, but not visible by road plus enjoy some spectacular scenery created by mother nature.

Alongside of the Tuilières power station is the Tuilières canal locks, one of the prettiest scenes in the area with a series of locks cascading from the canal back down to the Dordogne river. No longer in operation, but very accessible, this is a ” must see ” in the area and is a sedate pedal from Lalinde. You can also visit the

Tuilières Hydro Electric Dam

river stairs built beside the dam to enable salmon, trout, eels, sturgeon and the likes to travel upstream for breeding. Just a few minutes from Tuilières is St Caprise de Lalinde, a small village with a 2 restaurants and a bar, so if you are feeling parched, you can get a drink, but they are all directly on the main road. If you can make it back to Lalinde we have 4 cafés on or next to the main square where you can watch life go by with a Perrier, impression ( draft beer ) a glass of chilled rose or vin blanc or try Pastis, perhaps the French National drink, so refreshing with some ice and plenty of iced water. The Dordogne and in particular the Perigord often host cycling events during the summer with people coming from far and wide to enjoy the hospitality, scenery and food of the region. For the more competitive cycling, the area has 1000's of country lanes, many overhung by oak and chestnut trees with dappled light fighting it's way through the canopy.

Visit the fish steps

Tuilières locks

During the summer months 1000's of cyclists pass over the bridge, some obviously part of a touring group, many a racing team along with a regular view of solo and couple holiday makers proudly displaying their fluttering flags from France, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium….. I'll use this following term broadly…. ' most ' …French drivers are courteous to cyclists, with it being a national sport and extensivley promoted there is a general awareness of being considerate to cyclists. It can be frustrating being behind a large group of cyclists, and not all show the same courtesy as the drivers but if you keep to the right and clearly show your intentions, you will have an enjoyable time in the region.