Birds and Dragon Flies of the Dordogne

Coming from New Zealand, there are many birds in Lalinde that I’m not familiar with. It was only a passionate twitcher guest and his enthusiasm for the many birds he was able to view, both on land and water from our region that encouraged me to do some basic research. This link following will give you some idea of the variety living in or travelling through the Dordogne Valley

From the window of your room there is wide selection of river birds including (season dependent) cranes, stilts, egrets, cormorants, oyster catchers, geese, swans…..the evening sky is full of house and crag martins, swifts and sometimes swallows. Our surrounding forests are well populated with cuckoos, wood peckers, nightjar, hoopoe, warblers, tits, golden oriole and with so much open country falcons, kites, buzzards and sparrow hawks are a regular part of our scenery. If you wanted to mix some bird watching with enjoying a beautiful part of France, consider Maison Porte del Marty as a place to home base. Our surrounding rivers and wetlands also support a wide variety of dragon flies, their vibrant colours on a hot bucolic day are such a treat to watch.